Trek EC was established in Birmingham, Alabama by Trey Noland, P.G. as a full service environmental consulting firm with a simple goal: provide services that promote the redevelopment of Brownfields and the conservation and restoration of Greenfields (pristine or undeveloped land). Brownfield redevelopment, sometimes referred to as land recycling, is the largest piece of the sustainable development puzzle. Brownfields consist of previously developed land that has been abandoned or is underutilized because of the presence of contamination or perceived contamination (think old gas stations or abandoned factories).  Brownfields, along with their cousin Greyfields (underutilized commercial properties with little or no contamination), are present in every city and town. Land recycling slows urban sprawl and often holds the key to both the economic and environmental health of a community.  


Trek EC has more than 20 years of experience performing environmental and conservation projects throughout Alabama and the Southeast. In 2020, Trek EC partnered with PM Environmental to provide environmental assessment and remediation services nationwide.  With 15 offices, more than 100 employees, and numerous contract associates across the U.S., PM and Trek EC can provide the environmental services you need to make your next conservation or redevelopment project a success.